Easy private networks with WireguardHTTPS

SSHing into an Ubuntu 20.04 Thinkpad on my home network via the VPN.
WireguardHTTPS generates configuration and creates QR codes for easy deployment to mobile devices.
WireguardHTTPS only allows regenerating credentials and deleting a device.


WireguardHTTPS is made of 3 components to limit privileges required by the internet-facing HTTPS API while allowing it to control the higher privileged Wireguard interface and protect users from common web attacks like XSS, Clickjacking, and CSRF.

Use Cases

Expose services in private networks to connected devices, even if they’re behind a NAT or in a private VPC. You can host an instance of Gitlab on a computer at home to create a private source code repository and much more.

Source Code

This entire setup is open source. You can see the source code for wgrpcd, WireguardHTTPS and wgreact on Github. WireguardHTTPS is still under development and has not yet been audited. I don’t recommend using this software for anything important. “WireGuard” and the “WireGuard” logo are registered trademarks of Jason A. Donenfeld.” You can download Wireguard at https://www.wireguard.com/



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Jonathan Cooper

Jonathan Cooper


I’m a cybersecurity consultant who develops software. I help agile teams deliver secure digital experiences to their customers.